Still Spirits

Turbo 500 Still (Copper Column)

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Still Spirits

Turbo 500 Still (Copper Column)

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The ultimate still in home distilling, the T500 Reflux Still is a must for anyone who wants to produce large quantities of extremely clean, pure alcohol. The T500 allows you to collect an astonishing 95% of the possible alcohol from the wash. This comes out at an amazing 93% alcohol purity which beats every other still on the market. Also suitable for distilled water and hydrosols.

High-quality alcohol made with the T500 can be used to make high-quality, commercial-grade, clear spirits such as Gin, White Rum and Vodka as well as any of the other dark spirits and liqueurs. 

This T500 Boiler features two power switches. When both switches are on, the element will be supplied full power of 2200W for 220V units, or 1600W for 120V units. You can lower this to 1100W by switching one of the two switches off (220V unit) or by switching off the 500W switch (120V unit).

NOTE: The T500 Boiler and T500 Reflux Condenser are boxed separately. Condensers come in both stainless steel and copper.

• For intermediate-advanced distilling
• Stainless Steel T500 Reflux Condenser: Made from 304-grade stainless steel
• Copper T500 Reflux Condenser: Made from copper
• Designed in New Zealand
• Faucet adaptor for ease of cooling water connection
• Boil dry reset
• Thermal cut out fuse
• Waste discharge tap
• 25 L Boiler capacity

Included in Box

T500 Reflux Condenser (Copper or Stainless Steel):
• Prepacked Condenser Column
• PVC and PE Tubes
• Digital Thermometer
• Distilling Conditioner (Ingredients: water, silicone antifoam)
• Ceramic Boil Enhancers
• Water Flow Controller with kitchen, garden and laundry tap adaptors
• Instructions Booklet

T500 Boiler:
• Boiler