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How To Make A Pure Turbo Wash.

First, give your fermenter a quick clean and then a sanitise using quality brewing products. In your fermenter mix hot and cold water together, using  your stirring paddle, until the water’s temperature is 30C or lower. On your stick on thermometer this will show colours lit up on 30, 28 and maybe 26C. Then, drain any excess water out of the tap until the water is sitting on the 21 Litre mark. Next, pour in your 6kgs of sugar. This can be Turbo Sugar if you are using your Distillery Kit products or Dextrose or Chelsea White Sugar. Stir well until clear. Adding the sugar will bring the volume up to just under 25 Litres but more importantly it will also lower the temperature of the wash mixture to under 25C.

Your thermometer should now show 24, 22 and maybe 20C. Pour in the entire contents of your Turbo Yeast (and nutrient) packet. Stir well again to blend these through. If adding Turbo Carbon this gets poured in next. The wash will go a black colour with the carbon added, this will be dropped out of suspension later, along with yeast, using the Turbo Clear finings. Now fit the lid and put it “under airlock”. When the fermenter is correctly sealed up the water in the airlock’s u-bend will sit unevenly distributed ie one side remaining higher than the other. If sitting level the fermenter is not fully  sealed and you will likely not see any Co2 gas bubbles being pushed out through the airlock water. Not being sealed up fully will NOT interrupt the brewing process. We will always test the wash with a standard brewing hydrometer at the end to confirm that the fermentation is 100% complete and not rely on airlock activity which is unreliable. Leave the wash in an area which is ideally 18-24C. The wash fermentation will take at least 7-10 days and longer if cooler. Avoid higher temperatures that can harm the yeast and cease fermentation. Fermentation is complete when we test a sample of the wash with our (fermentation) hydrometer and have reached the .990 mark. Leave the wash until it achieves this density before adding the Turbo Clear finings. Allow the finings time to do their work,  leave the wash clearing longer if you have the time before transferring the clear wash into your still boiler leaving the yeast and carbon behind.  Start your next wash fermenting.




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