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Turbo 500 Still (Stainless Column) -$100 OFF

Still Spirits

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The Turbo 500 Distillation System is designed to produce high purity alcohol and give maximum alcohol recovery. High quality alcohol made with the T500 can be used to make high quality, commercial grade, clear spirits such as Gin, White Rum and Vodka as well as any of the other dark spirits and liqueurs.

Designed and assembled in New Zealand.

The world's most advanced fractionating column for home use.

Stainless Steel Base

Stainless Steel Condensor

Faucet adaptor for ease of waterflow adjustment plus Digital Thermometer with Probe.

25 Litre boiler with 2000w integrated element and Lead, Boil dry reset, Thermal cut out fuse.

Waste Discharge tap fitted.

Ceramic Saddles, Copper Saddles, Boil Enhancers, All Hoses, Distillers Conditioner

Easy to use, Comes with Instruction manual

Produces 95% yield at 93% purity

The ultimate home distillation unit, stops producing when alcohol exhausted

Complete Turbo 500 Unit -it will be sold in 2 cartons, one will have the Still  Boiler, the other will have the Condenser with all fittings.

**This is, in OUR opinion, the very best model available in Home Distillation, giving the best results for purity and yeild that we have ever found after trialling pretty much all previous models of stills available in NZ. It is also the easiest Reflux still to use.