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Turbo 500 Distillery (Copper)

Complete package RRP $775

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This package deal includes the Copper Column Turbo 500 Still PLUS all the equipment a new distiller will need to use each time PLUS all the ingredients they'll use for making the first batch. It is great value for money (worth $1050.00 with an RRP of $775.00) and is our recommendation for new customers.

-Equipment included:

30 Litre Imake Pail with Tap, Airlock with Cap, Grommet, Stick-on Thermometer Strip,

Imake Wash/Wine Hydrometer, Spirit Alcometer/Hydrometer,

(not included but highly recommended is a Hydrometer testing jar for $10.00)

Stirring Spoon, 5 Litre Measuring Jug

Ezi Filter Carbon System

-Ingredients Included

6kgs Distillers Sugar, Classic Turbo Yeast, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear Finings

Ezi Filter Carbon Cartridge and Washers

Still Spirits Classic Singles (5) or 3 Classic Doubles as selected by Still Spirits

Still Spirits Cafelua Icon Liqueur

Spirits Irish Cream Icon Liqueur