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Alembic Dome Pot Still

Still Spirits,

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This Alembic Pot Still is made up of the T500 Boiler with a Pot Still Alembic Dome Top and Pot Still Alembic Condenser.

These additions transform the T500 boiler into an Alembic Pot Still. Instead of stripping flavours to give clean spirit like the T500, this pot still retains and enhances flavours. This can be used when distilling washes that contain flavours that you wish to collect.

The large copper surafce area of this alembic dome top acts as a catalyst with the vapour in the still and helps enhance and concentrate the flavours and aromas as well as remove unwanted sulphur compounds. This produces a smoother, richer, sweeter tasting spirit.

Complete Alembic Pot Still:

Includes Turbo 500 Bolier

Alembic Copper Dome

Copper Pot Condenser with thermometer, hoses and cold water fittings, instructions

New botanical basket now available