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Gladfield Ale Malt (Milled)

Gladfield, NZ.

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Please allow 1 working day to mill and pack your grain up. If you want this milled with other malts just tell us in the comments.

Gladfield Ale malt has very similar attributes to the Pilsner malt but only winter grown English bread 2 row varieties are used. The malt is fully modified through a traditional long cool germination This is a highly friable malt but again the soluble nitrogen ratios are kept relatively low to enhance mouth feel and head retention. The kilning regime gives a nice toasty character with enhanced maltiness for dark ales. This can be toned down for a cleaner malt profile for a lighter hoppy pale ale by adding small amounts of Pilsner malt. A single step mash of between 66° and 68°C is sufficient to avoid any lautering problems and obtain good extract however multi step mashes may improve extract potential and improve stability in the bottle.

Mash pH should be adjusted correctly to achieve brew house efficiency. A small amount of Acidulated Malt (1% of grain bill) will help to maximise your yield.

Moisture (%) Max 5
Extract (fine dry) min% 79
Sacharification time 10
Colour (wort) 5.0-6.0
Total Nitrogen (%) 1.35-1.65
Kolbach Index 35.0-41.0
pH 5.7-6.0
Diastatic Power (WK) min. 150
FAN (mg/l) min 120
Friability (min) % 85