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SpringFerm BR-2




The health package for your yeast.

Fermentis SpringFerm™ BR-2 is a balanced complex yeast nutrient based on the synergies of organic, mineral and vitamin’s growth factors. Its formula was specifically studied to optimize its effects on yeast growth & yeast survival.
It reduces the risk of sluggish or stuck fermentation typically in wort containing adjuncts. Fermentis SpringFerm™ BR-2 is a health package for your yeast. Thanks to its assimilable nitrogen, it decreases organoleptic deviation risks (volatile acidity, H2S). It increases the vitality of the yeast therefore it can enhance the final attenuation and reduce the diacetyl content in the final beer.

Ingredients: Inactivated yeast (rich in growth factors), Zinc sulphate, Manganese sulphate.


1 g/hl to 5 g/hl depending on wort composition.


SpringFerm™ BR-2 should be mixed in wort/water and added directly to the fermentation tank. It is not recommended to mix the SpringFerm™ BR-2 with dry yeast during the rehydration step.

% dry weight: > 90,0
Zn < 1,90 – 2,10 % w/w
Mn < 0,24 – 0,30 % w/w
Total bacteria*: < 1 / ml
Acetic acid bacteria*: < 1 / ml
Lactobacillus*: < 1 / ml
Pediococcus*: < 1 / ml
Wild yeast non Saccharomyces*: < 1 / ml

Pathogenic micro-organisms: in accordance with regulation
*when used at 1g/hl