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Hydrometer Test Jar


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We will send either one of the test jars pictured. 10" Hydrometer Testing Jar, should be compatible for use with most hydrometers (sold separately).

One is a one piece molded hydrometer jar is made with alcohol resistant plastic, the other is a 2 piece alcohol resistant plastic. They can be used for everything,

wine, beer, washes and liquids with high levels of alcohol.

Made out of FOOD GRADE materials. Stable base and wide cylinder for accurate measurements.

- This Testing Jar could replace  glass hydrometer jars.

- Wide base, make it more stable.

- Hydrometer won't stick to the walls because the tube is wider allowing more accurate readings.


Allows you float your hydrometer in a sample of the liquid you need to test to more easily and accurately use your hydrometer.

You can take a sample out of your fermenter tap into the test jar to test rather than removing the fermenter's lid to test internally which has a risk of causing an infection. 

Allows you to also test temperature accurately with an immersion thermometer into removed sample and also view brew's clarity plus taste or smell the brew.

We do not recommend pouring sample back in but if you want to please make sure hydrometer and test jar are both correctly cleaned, then sterilised, do test and pour back in immediately (preferably by removing airlock and grommet to create hole rather than opening the lid up).

NB: Glass 100ml test jars/measuring cylinders are available from our store at $10.50 but are not compatible with most hydrometers as it is shorter and more difficult to mail order due to fragility. We also have glass measuring cylinders in various sizes 25ml, 50ml and 250ml.