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FTS's Temperature Control 52L Chronical

Ss Brew Technologies

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FTSs  14 gal Chronical

A properly controlled fermentation temperature is critical to producing quality beer. The Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System (FTSs) is the result of many napkin sketches and applying thermodynamics to advanced brewing practices. The system is elegant in it’s simplicity yet incredibly efficient.

The FTSs uses a precision temperature controller that constantly monitors the temperature of your fermentation to within 1° of its set point. When the temperature of your beer varies by over 1° the system kicks in and circulates your chill source liquid through the chiller coil until temperature is stabilized.

Your chill source can be as simple as a cooler with ice or as sophisticated as Ss Glycol Chiller. Alternatively if you need to warm your beer, the system is capable of circulating warm water through the coil to bring temperatures up.


The FTSs Temperature Controller for Ss Brew Tech Brew Buckets and Chronical fermenters.

The Fermentation Temperature Stabilisation System (FTSs) is designed to add to your existing Ss Brew Bucket, Brewmaster Bucket, or Chronical Fermenter. Simply replace your existing lid with the FTSs lid and attached stainless coil, fit the neoprene jacket over the fermenter for insulation, attach the pump, and turn on the digital temperature controller. The cooling or heating works by submersing the pump in a hot or cold water supply to run through the coil.

- Chills or warms your brew rapidly
- Custom lid with 304 stainless steel immersion chiller coil
- 304 stainless steel weldless lid mounted thermowell
- Digital temperature controller
- Pro grade submersible pump
- Tailored neoprene insulation jacket

All you need to do is supply the cold or warm water source for the pump to run through the coil, which could be as simple as via a chilly bin.

You will require at least two metres (3-4m would be typical, depending on your set up) of 10mm ID tubing to connect the pump with the cooling coil, available as an optional extra.


There is an 8 clip and a 10 clip model available you need to specify which one you are after,