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60 Litre Brewing Barrel

Ampi Fermenter

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60 Litre, 10 UK Gallon, 12 US gallon Fermenter. High quality food grade plastic.

Comes with lid (pre-drilled to fit black airlock grommet), rubber lid seal and base with measurements up to 60 litres marked on the side. Base also comes pre-threaded to fit a White barrel tap. If you dont wish to fit a tap then simply leave nut in place.

This fermenter is suitable for making 2 x 23 litre beer kits, gingerbeer kits, cider kits and wine kits and for making a 50 Litre spirit wash.

If you would like any matching fittings: airlock, grommet, tap, stick-on thermometer please click on "accessories" to easily select them..


Height is approx 68cm, allow for additional height an airlock will contribute, diameter approx 39cm.