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WW Bohemian Pilsner (10L)


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Our Bohemian Pilsner is deep gold in appearance with a high bitterness and long lasting creamy head. The yeast employed is a classic German Pilsner yeast that leaves a very clean taste.

The kit includes an 800g can of Bohemian PIlsner, 645g bag of Dry Malt extract and an 11g pack of Fermentis W34/70 Lager yeast.

Ferment at 15-28ºC / 64-77ºF, ideally at the lowest end of this range.

Original Gravity of 1.048 (12°P), fermented to a Final Gravity of about 1.010 (2.5°P), resulting in 5.0% alcohol by volume,

37 Bitterness Units and 6 SRM/12 EBC colour.

As an option, hop aroma and taste can be elevated if the brewer makes a hop tea of 1-2 oz. (28-56 grams) of any Czech (or German) hops

Designed for a WilliamsWarn BK10 Fermenter, this can also be brewed in a 10 litre capacity fermenter such as a Mad Millie Cider fermenter or Ss Brewtech Mini Bucket.

Makes 10 litres,