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Gladfield Rye Malt (Milled)

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Gladfield, NZ.

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Our malted rye is produced from locally grown irrigated Rye corn. The rye is malted with the same care as our other malts and modifies beautifully in the kiln. Our rye malt imparts the traditional rye flavours and slight spiciness to beers, along with a clean dry finish. We recommend a starting percentage of 10% that can then be increased up to 50% for more rye flavours.


Moisture (%) Max 6
Extract (fine dry) min% 83
Sacharification time 10
Colour (wort) 6.0-10.0
Total Nitrogen (%) 1.70-1.90
Kolbach Index 45.0-58.0
pH 5.7-6.2