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The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery has six main technical features that, when combined together, create the world's first all-in-one brewing appliance. This combination then allows you to make the freshest beverages on the planet with minimum effort but still with lots of room for flexibility and creativity.

WilliamsWarn provide their own ingredients to set the standard of beverages produced at the same level as the professional breweries Ian Williams used to work for, however you can also use your own all-grain wort or other extract products from other companies. When using extract kits, there is much flexiblity available to the brewer by steeping extra malt and hop ingredients to create a huge variety of beverages. This is explained in the Advanced Recipes pdf.

The current brewery design is for 23 litres maximum (6 US gallons) of beverage but less can be brewed each batch if desired (including 5 US gallon all-grain wort or other extract kits). The final beverage can either be consumed directly out of the draft beer tap or transfered into bottles or kegs using dedicated WilliamsWarn filling equipment.

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Included is all the sundry equipment recommended for the Personal brewery as shown in the photograph. Has full detailed instruction manual.

If you need a Gas Cylinder please click on accessories and dont forget to order a first brew kit to go with it,