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Orbit (NZ)

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We've purchased this hop in bulk and have lovingly vacuumed sealed it for you, to retain maximum flavour and aroma, PLUS bring you the best price. All our hops are kept refrigerated before you buy them.

New Zealand Orbit hops are a blend of hops from the “Hops with a Difference” breeding program (4-10 %AA)


New Zealand Orbit hops are a blend of hops specially selected out of the New Zealand “Hops with a Difference” breeding program. These hops are selected on their unique aroma and flavour characteristics as well as their brewing quality. The hops may be grown in very small plots at the New Zealand Plant and Food Research Centre in Riwaka or in larger selected trial gardens across the region. No two years are the same and we'll never get this blend of hops again!

New Zealand Hops displaying resinous citrus piney characteristics perform extremely well in traditional styles such as IPA, ESB and Stouts, in fact anywhere where a fullish or complex specialty malt bill requires
balancing by big single hop flavour, bitterness an solid finish…so not to be used sparingly.


Current alpha acid 10.1% -Alpha acid often varies, please inquire directly if you wish this confirmed.

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