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Newport (US)

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Our new hop fridge doesn't fit as many types of hops as the previous one (which blew up) so we need to downsize our range a bit to fit it all in, especially with the U.S season due to arrive soon. We've reduced prices heavily on some of the lesser known varieties until we can fit everything in. NB: You will need to order these hops online (mail order or pick up from store) to get these discounts.


Descendant of Magnum and a USDA male 58111

Brewing Usage




Typical Beer Styles

  • Barley Wine

Additional Information

Developed through the USDA program at Oregon State University and released in 2002

Alpha Acids

13.5 - 17.0%

Beta Acids

7.2 - 9.1%


36 - 38%

Total Oil

1.6 - 3.4 mL / 100g


47 - 54% of total oil


9 - 14% of total oil


4.5 - 7% of total oil


< 1% of total oil

General Trade Perception

Viewed as an excllent bittering hop

Current alpha acid 9.6% -Alpha acid often varies, please inquire directly if you wish this confirmed.

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