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Liqueur Base B

Still Spirits 260g

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Still Spirits Red Liqueur Base A 220g : Gives the ideal finished thickness and sweetness to many Still Spirits Liqueurs with a Red Label.

Add alcohol as indicated on the essence bottle in a large mixing bowl. Slowly add pack contents while stirring with a whisk.

Add essence and top up to 1.125L (40oz) with water.

Alternatively mix in a large 5 litre jar with swing-top lid allowing you to shake vigorously.

Use with Top Shelf Apricot Brandy, Chocolate Mint, Coconut Rum, Grande Paris, Macadamia Nut, Scotch Heather, Skyebuie, Triple Sec, White Sambuca.

Also suitable for use with any other liqueur brand.

If you want to use this dry pack in place of a liquid product (eg 400ml liqueur base syrup) simply pour contents into a measuring jug and add water to 400ml mark and dissolve to make an equivalent product.