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Muntons Dockland Porter

Muntons Gold 3kg

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Muntons Gold Range

Docklands Porter

At the end of the 19th century a beer was brewed especially for the dockyard workers of the bustling Port of London. Docklands Porter was named after these strong men, who unloaded the cargoes of sailing ships and schooners berthed at the many wharves along the Thames.

Porter had a uniquely rich and satisfying flavour which quenched the thirst of dockers after long shifts loading and unloading vessels from around the world. You can now recapture the unique flavour of traditional Victorian Porters – a light hop character and full malt flavour under lie a rich colour, possible by the subtle use of the best roasted malts.


Colour (EBC Units) 90 - 100
Bitterness (EBU's) 17 - 23

Makes 23 Litre. This is an all-malt kit and therefore does not require a dextrose or brew enhancer to make it up.