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Acid Mix 100gm

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Acid Mixes are as their name suggests a blend of our 3 main wine making acids. Grapes actually have a natural blend of all 3 acids.Since grapes are recognised as the best winemaking fruit we can promote similar results with our home wine, using other fruits, by also using a blend of acids. This allows the finished wine to appear more 'balanced" as no one individual acid becomes excessively dominant.

You can easily blend your own acids together but if you dont wish to buy a quantity of all 3 acids then we have done it for you.

We have 2 blends.

Acid Mix A. This is a Tartaric, Malic, Citric blend. it is often recommended for fruit wine recipes.

Acid Mix B. This is a Malic, Tartaric Citric blend. it is often recommended for mead and vegetable wine recipes.

Use in place of the same amount of any individual acid.


We can mix up a bulk quantity to your request, POA.