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Tannin 25gm

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On the palate, tannins give a sensation opposite of acidity. Unlike acid which makes the mouth salivate, tannins will give the mouth a sensation of dryness, or astringency. High tannin concentration tends to give the sensation of bitterness and roughness so we need to be cautious of extensive "pulp" fermentation with red skins present.

Within reason, tannins give wine very desirable characteristics. Because they are a preservative, wines that are tannic in their youth often have the ability to age and become more complex when stored at the correct wine storage temperature.

They also are helpful during the clarification process; tannins naturally bond to proteins and can then be removed with other solid matter to make a wine visually brilliant. Fining agents such as isinglass can be used to induce this process.

If utilising the natural tannin found in your fruit skin, especially grapes, it is very important that the tannins are fully ripe before they are harvested. “Green” tannins are rough and undesirable.

When adding tannin to your own recipe dont try to rely on using a tea bag to source it. There is no way to determine how much, if any tannin is present each time making it very difficult to controp the balance. Tannin Powder as used by commercial wineries is available for us to use. It is generally used in red grape wines so it is quite strong. Recommendation is to try 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per UK Gallon as a start rate.