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Tartaric Acid


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Acidity provides the crisp, slightly tart taste of wine on your palate. Too little acid, and your wine tastes bland and non-committal and will be more susceptible to spoilage. Too much acid, and your taste buds scream for relief. When acids are properly countered by the other ingredients in wine (such as alcohol, sugars, trace minerals, etc.), the wine is said to be "in balance", which is the desired end result of all winemakers.

Tartaric Acid is unique in that it is not found in most fruit, but is the primary acid component in grapes.

Use to increase the acidity level in your wine must.


As we buy this in bulk from a major commerical winery supplier we can arrange larger quantities. if ordering 1kg or more please put in an on-line order for collection so we have time to get the item ready from bulk storage.