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Auto Easy Syphon

Easy Syphon

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Size 3/8' (5/16").

The Easy Auto-siphon is one of the best purchases you can make as a new homebrewer. Never again will you have to start a siphon the old fashioned way. Simply insert the Auto-Siphon into your fermenter, pump the center tube, and voila! the siphon is started. The tip on the racking cane is specially designed to minimize the pick-up of sediment during transfer. After use the siphon disassembles easily for cleaning.

NB: Will fit our larger glass carboys but NOT the 5 litre glass jar with swing-top.

You will need to purchase syphon hose to match. Our non-toxic 9.5mm hose will be compatible and available under 'accessories". order as much as you need..