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Cantina Traditional Red -please inquire

5 Litre Kit,

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Manufacturers promise -Making wine in only five days is now possible with the Cantina wine kits. Start it on Monday, drink it on Friday. Cantina wine its contain all ingredients you need, just add water to make 21 litres of your own wine! Thanks to the development of new very highly specialised yeast nutrients, it is now possible to make your own wine in only 5 days and still retain all the qualities of the grape raw material, producing a perfect Italian wine. You don't need to be an expert, just mix the ingredients and wait! Winemaking made easy from the best home brew supplies.

Wine Kit A medium dry red wine with excellent colour. A lunch and dinner wine

Makes 21 litres/28 x 750ml Bottles.

NB: We do not try to carry every wine kit available to us in stock daily as we have neither the space or would be able to assure you of freshness. This range is not carried in stock. It will take 1-2 workings usually to get stock in allowing the supplier is current in stock. It would be best for you to enquire directly as to stock availability BEFORE ordering this range as it is not always available.