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Straining or Mash Bags

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We have 3 different straining bags available

Standard coarse -This is best for cider and winemakers that are needing to strain smaller amounts of fruit pulp when making one gallon batches of wine. It has a very fine hole so you need to be patient and not squeeze the bag. Would be suitable for hops and a small amount of grain for the partial masher. Size is normally 36cm wide x 60cm deep.

Large Fine -Suitable for larger batches for cider and winemaking Size is normally 56cm wide x 60cm deep.

Large Coarse -This is the bag usually chosen for the grain masher. It is sturdier than any other bag we can get so it will handle heavy wet grains better. Size is normally 59cm x 61cm


Straining bags will be washable and re-useable. We may source straining bags from different suppliers so size and mesh hole will vary from time to. Please contact us before purchasing if you would like us to measure the exact size for you.