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Alcotec Turbo 6

Super Yeast

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The original Turbo yeast from the Alcotec range, now produced exclusively for NZ.

The number 3 on the packet indicated it could ferment a 6kg wash out in as little as 3 days, a 5kg could be as quick as 2-3 days.

Instructions say to mix 6kgs of sugar (or dextrose) into a total of 25 Litres (inclusive of the sugar).

Allow to ferment out at 25C until .990 is reached and wash is allowed to clear.

Best temperature range is 20-25C, higher temperatures may cause a Stuck Ferment.

Use Alcotec 24 Hour Turbo Klar finings to drop unwanted yeast cells quickly.

Click on "accessories" if you want finings or 6kg dextrose brewing sugar. (NB: If you want 5 or 7kgs click on dextrose to bringĀ  drop down options up).