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Pure Turbo Yeast

Triple Distilled, Still Spirits

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Premium Quality

A breakthrough in Turbo Yeast Development making it possible to produce "triple distilled" quality alcohol at home.

Only use in cooler air temps (18-24C). Still Spirits recommend the use of Turbon Carbon to remove impurities not taken out by post distillation filtration. It significantly improves turbo yeast performance. After distillation filter as usal. Turbo Finings are best used to settle out and allow removal from yeast and carbon solids. This cobination will produce some of the very best spirit possible.

In your fermenter mix together hot and cold water until the temperature is adjusted to 30C. Drain excess water out thru the tap until there is 21 Litres left. Add 6 kg of dextrose brewing sugar (or chelsea white sugar or distillers sugar). Stir well to dissolve. The temperature of the liquid will drop with the addition of sugar to 25C or lower. Add one packet of Pure Turbo* and stir well again. Fit lid and airlock (making sure the water is uneven) and allow to ferment out maintaining 18-24C until hydrometer reading of .990 is reached and wash is cleared.

*Add Turbo Carbon here as optional but recommended.

NB: Pure Turbo is slower to ferment out than Classic, allow at least a week and a half. Do not allow the temperature to go above 24C as the yeast is not tolerant to high temperature. Do not use more sugar than 7kgs dextrose as it is not tolerant to high sugar.

Buy a Triple Distilled Combo if you want the Yeast, Turbo Carbon and Turbo Clear.  Click on "accessories" if you want either Turbo Carbon or Turbo Clear or 6kg dextrose brewing sugar. (NB: If you want 5 or 7kgs click on dextrose to bring  drop down options up).