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Dextrose Brewing Sugar

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Use dextrose brewing sugar in place of white sugar in your washes to produce quicker and cleaner alcohol.

It will dissolve easier than white sugar requiring less hot water so washes dont need to be made up as hot which also reduces the impurites formed during fermentation (fusil oils).

Dextrose does have some moisture content so technically you should use 10% more than white sugar but often you are told to use a full 1kg more. We find most of our dextrose customers use "weight for weight" and find no discernable difference in volume of spirit made. Those using 7 and especially 8kgs may actually find they get a larger yeild from the same amount of dextrose as they do from white sugar. This is because yeast find the large amount of white sugar very difficult to ferment out particularly when combined with higher fermentation temperatures (over 25C).

6kgs is now the most commonly used pack, dissolved into a total of 25 Litres to make your wash.

Some advanced distillers use 7 kgs, distillers that had a 20 Litre capacity still use 5kgs to make a 20 Litre wash.