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Dry Beer Finings

Mangrove Jacks

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Finings attract floating particles such as yeast cells. As the particles clump together and become heavy then drop to the bottom of the fermenter and settle better.

They will allow you to bottle a brew quicker and clearer and promote less sediment to form in the bottle for a carbonated beverage and aid head retention in a beer.

For crystal clear beer with firmer sediment. Removes unwanted compounds and firms up natural sediment for a crystal clear beer with a smooth flavour.

nstructions: Dissolve sachet contents into half a cup of luke warm water (not hot water). Stir until completely dissolved. Add this solution to your beer after fermentation. Allow to settle for two days. Avoid stirring in if possible, remove airlock and pour in though hole. Put airlock back in and shake the fermenter to dispell any trapped CO2 gas.

Use 1 packet per 23 Litre brew. Also suitable for cider and ginger beer.

Previously supplied as Copper Tun