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Rotokeg Pressure Barrel (please inquire)

UK Keg

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### Soda Stream Adaptors are NOT currently available in NZ, if you already have a Rotokeg and Adaptor and want another keg let us know and we will order you one ###

Holds 23 Litres, 5 UK Gallon, 6 US Gallons

Allows you to serve your beer "draught" style . While it can be used for lagers it does work best with ales and stouts, allowing you to serve the brew less chilled and gassy promoting smoother tastier beer.

Once your beer has slowed up a little in its fermentation syphon your brew over into the keg base.

Add your priming sugar or malt if you prefer.

Fit your float to the back of the tap.

Well vaseline the o-ring seal inside the lid and tighten down firmly.

If you have a Soda Stream bottle with matching adaptor give the keg a couple of bursts to protect the brew surface and re-tighten the lid.

Allow time to carbonate up just like using bottles.

Apply additional CO2 gas as/if required to keep the head space full of gas to aid dispensing,

If you need an adaptor please click on "accessories"

If you are looking for spare parts please contact us directly as differnet models of Rotokegs have used different parts over the years and are not all compatible.