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Brigalow Ginger Beer Kit o/s supplier

900gm Can

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Alcoholic or Non Alcohol method available. Both make 23 Litres.

A refreshing, subtle, dry ginger beer. Considered low calorie if made to can specifications of sugar.

Best enjoyed very cold on a hot day.

Alcoholic Brewing method: Identical to making a beer. Mix nutrient packet in with can of concentrate.

Brew  out and bottle with 2 carbonation drops or a heaped teaspoon of chelsea white sugar per 750ml bottle.

You can increase the alcohol strength by using between 1-2 kgs dextrose brewing sugar (under accessories)

Non-alcoholic Brewing method: Mix can contents with dissolved sugar solution (made from 150gms of sugar -raw or white, OR up to 250gm of dextrose if using plastic bottles). Dissolve in nutrient pack.

Add water slowly up to 23 Litres, stirring well along the way to well blend contents.

Use a mixture of cold and hot water to adjust final temperature to 20-25C.

Sprinkle in yeast and again stir well.

Cover and seal with airlock if you have one, leave to stand 1-3 hours before bottling.

Stir as you bottle. Cap without adding ANY sugar or carbonation drops to the bottle.

You can increase the ginger flavour by using some fresh grated ginger steeped in hot water while you are maing up the brew, or 1-2 teaspoons of dry ginger powder.

You can make it sweeter by adding some maltodextrin, try 100-150gm.