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500ml Swingtop Glass Bottle Case 12

Mangrove Jacks

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High quality carbonation grade glass bottles with "flip top" seals.

Suitable for a range of homebrewed drinks; beer, gingerbeer (kit), cider: sparkling and still, wines: sparkling and still, spirits and liqueurs. Also perfect for home made sauces and olive oil.

Particularly good for high strength drinks that you wish to have a smaller serving of such as Belgian Brewferm Beer Kits, Muntons Barley Wine or Old Ale kits and Specialty Wines like Port and Sherry.

If using for a carbonated drink please make sure you have used your hydrometer to confirm the brew is ready for bottling. Even high quality glass bottles like these will break if over-pressurised.

Not suitable for use with traditional Ginger beer bugs or plants, only use plastic bottles for this method.

New rubber seals are available for replacement.

We would advise someone to be at the address to sign and inspect for damage in transit, No Signature Required delivery allows for no courier claims in the event of damage occurring. We can secure two boxes together to ship on one courier ticket.