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18 x 1250ml Bottles With Caps

Set of 18

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P.E.T bottles are made by injection stretch blow moulding of P.E.T polymer chips. These are blown into a preform from which they are then stretch blown into the P.E.T bottle shape required. This provides the customer with a plastic bottle of outstanding quality and shape with the key benefits being:

  • Outstanding quality - with superb aesthetics
  • High Purity - no by products migrate from the plastic into the contents of the bottle to affect taste
  • Lightweight - can be reused and are much lighter than the equivalent size glass bottle which means that they are easier to handle and because of the much lighter weight provide significant potential freight savings
  • Unbreakable - unlike glass they cannot smash, shatter or chip providing greatly improved safety and ease of handling
  • Have good barrier properties
  • Recyclable

P.E.T bottles are the preferred packaging for all our carbonated beverages.

This is the amount of bottles and caps you will need to bottle off one regular beer kit, cider kit or ginger beer kit.

You will use 3 carbonation drops for this sized bottle, click on "accessories" if you need carbonation drops.