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Triple Scaled (Beer/Wine/Wash) Hydrometer

All-purpose Brewing Hydrometer

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As supplied on Mangrove Jacks Starter Sets and Turbo 500 Package Deals. (Can be Imake or Keg King brand)

Suitable for beer, wine, cider and spirit washes.

Length is 24cm. Has Specific Gravity Scale, Potential Alcohol Scale (a/v) and Approximate Sugar Per Litre Scale. Scale measures between SG 1.150 and .980

We are actually measuring Specific Gravity (SG) or density of the brew not alcohol amount.

Essential tool to measure when fermentation IS complete rather than hit and miss method with airlock activity.

To use, 3/4 fill a hydrometer test jar up with the brew to be tested and gently lower the glass hydrometer in. Make sure its floating, if not add more brew. Where the top of the brew cuts across the Specific Gravity scale is where you take your reading (see attached pictures, hydrometer is floating at 1.040 in brew sample).

For brewers making beer, gingerbeer kits and cider kits, the most important reading is the final gravity, you want 2 reading at the same number for a minimum of two days.

For brewers making wine and cider from their own fruit they need to learn how to take an Original  Gravity (OG) reading as well as checking the final SG, contact us at the shop for this info.

If making a wine kit you really need to check the final SG is as low as it can go, at least .996 and preferably up to .990-.992 before adding final packets supplied with the kit.

If you are making a spirit wash you should be confirming your wash has reached .990 before trying to clear the wash for distilling. If using more sugar (7 and 8kg's/25litre) then your reading should go higher on the scale, ideally approaching .980.

If you need a hydrometer test jar please click on "accessories"