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Thermometer Strip (10-40C)

Digital Thermometer

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A worthwhile addition to any fermenter.

Peel off white backing to expose sticky side and place permanently on the side of fermenter, do not try to remove once fitted.

Different colours will light up to show you the temperature range you are maintaining.

You will usually see 2 or 3 colours light up at a time. Either look for the "brightest" colour you see and then read the number beneath that for the temperature as they tend to read a little high, ie if 22 is really bright it's probably 20C. A better method is to allow you are measuring your temperature "range" ie if 20, 22 and 24C are lit up you are in the low 20's.

Thermometer range is usually from 10 C to 40 C, in 2 degree markings. (may vary from different suppliers).