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UK Flaked Maize

Thomas Fawcett, UK

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EBC 3.1, Mash required.

Flaked maize adds a sweet, smooth flavor to your beer. Using this in your grist lowers the protein and tannin content of your beer. Flaked corn has been steamed and rolled to gelatinize its starches, making them accessible for conversion to sugars. Because the grain is un-malted, it does not possess the enzymes required for this conversion by itself and it must be mashed with malted grains.

Flaked maize can be up to 10 percent of your grist.
It is ready for you to add directly to your mash to convert its starches to fermentable sugars.

Flaked maize is a common adjunct in British bitters and milds and used to be used extensively in American light lager. Properly used, corn will lighten the color and body of the beer without overpowering the flavor. Use 0.5-2 lb. per 5 gal batch. Corn must be mashed with base malt.

Used to add fermentables without increasing body. .

25 kg Whole sacks available by direct order, please phone or email us to make arrangements.