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UK Torrified Wheat

Thomas Fawcett, UK

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If you are ordereding milled malts then this can thru the mill with other malts, specify in comments box to mill up with other malts and we will crush it.

Colour EBC 3.8. Mash required.

This adjunct can be used to enhance head retention (use up to 10% of the total grain bill for) and produces a slight biscuity flavour.

Torrified Wheat has been heat treated (kind of "popped") to break the cellular structure, allowing for rapid hydration and allows malt enzymes to more completely attack the starches and protein.
Torrified Wheat can be used in place of raw wheat in Belgian style Wit-Beers, also very good for adding body and head, especially to English ales.
Since it has not been malted, you can't substitute it for malted wheat. Because it's not malted, it needs to be mashed with a diastatic malt in order to convert the starches.

25 kg Whole sacks available by direct order, please phone or email us to make arrangements.