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UK Black Malt (Milled)

Bairds, UK

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Approximate colour 1300 EBC. Steep or mash.

Produced by roasting white two-row malt at a higher temperature than that used to produce chocolate malt. The resulting product lends a sharp, acrid flavour and black colour to sweet stouts, porters, and other dark beers.

Black Malt, sometimes loosely described as Roasted Malt, is used in the production of very dark beers. The flavour, as might be expected, is a more intense version of Chocolate malt and because of its colour and flavour needs to be used with care. Roasting is similar to Chocolate malt but higher final temperatures in the region of 200°C are used. Again because no saccharification stage is used the flavours are due to pyrazines and pyrroles.

Black Malt Typical Colour Specification




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500 - 600

25 kg Whole sacks available by direct order, please phone or email us to make arrangements.