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UK Cara Malt (Milled)

Bairds, UK

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Approximate colour 30-40 EBC, Steep or mash.

This is our lightest caramel/crystal malt.

Crystal & Caramalts are prepared separately from pale malts. They are high-nitrogen malts which are wetted and roasted in a rotating drum before kilning. They produce strongly sweet toffee-like flavours and are sufficiently converted that they can be steeped without mashing to extract their flavour. Crystal malts are available in a range of colours, with darker-coloured crystal malts, that is, those kilned at higher temperatures, producing stronger, more caramel-like overtones. Some of the sugars in crystal malts caramelise during kilning and become unfermentable; hence, addition of crystal malt will increase the final sweetness of a beer. They contain no enzymes.

Caramalts are used to give colour and flavour to pale Lager beers but should be used with care to avoid making the beer too dark or giving it too cloying a flavour.
They also change the oxidation - reduction state of a beer, and can therefore improve the stability of a beer
by preventing the formation of oxidised (cardboard) flavours.
Pale crystal malt with distinct caramel taste. Improves body & head retention.

25 kg Whole sacks available by direct order, please phone or email us to make arrangements.


Caramalt Typical Colour Specification







25 - 35

30 - 40

15 - 20