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Gladfield Wheat Malt (Milled)

Gladfield, NZ.

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Please allow 1 working day to mill and pack your grain up. If you want this milled up with other malts just tell us in the comments box.

Gladfield wheat malt like all other Gladfield malts is 100% natural there are no chemicals added to the steep water to accelerate germination or bleach the grain for visual appearances of the malt. Gladfield wheat malt is produced from an old English wheat variety that modifies very well. The resulting malt gives clean light coloured wort.

Whole sacks available by request.

Moisture (%) Max 6
Extract (fine dry) min% 81
Sacharification time 10
Colour (wort) 3.2-4.2
Total Nitrogen (%) 1.7-1.9
Kolbach Index 35.0-41.0
pH 5.7-6.2
Diastatic Power (WK) min. 240