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Gladfield Light Crystal Malt (Milled)

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Gladfield, NZ.

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All Crystal malts are made in a specialised roasting drum. The green malt used is made from the fattest low nitrogen 2 row barley available. The emphases are on sweetness and evenness of crystallisation. This is achieved by using only the best barley and batch malting small amounts of green malt at a time to feed the roaster.

The evenness of colour is achieved by using the latest technology in malt roasting and heat recirculation to avoid scorching. Crystal malts can be used in varying amounts and intensities to an array of beer styles to add colour, flavour, aroma and stability to the beer.

Whole sacks available by request.


   Light Crystal  Medium Crystal Dark Crystal
Moisture (%) Max <4 <3.5 <3.5
Extract (Dry) Range 76-78% 76-78% 76-78%
Colour Range EBC 40 – 70 90 – 130 175 – 225