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Turbo 500 Distillery (Stainless)

Complete package RRP $775.00

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This package deal includes the Stainless Steel Column Turbo 500 Still PLUS all the equipment a new distiller will need to use each time PLUS all the ingredients they'll use for making the first batch. It is great value for money (worth $1050.00 with an RRP of $775.00) and is our recommendation for new customers.

-Equipment included:

30 Litre Imake Pail with Tap, Airlock with Cap, Grommet, Stick-on Thermometer Strip,

Imake Wash/Wine Hydrometer, Spirit Alcometer/Hydrometer,

(not included but highly recommended is a Hydrometer testing jar for $10.00)

Stirring Spoon, 5 Litre Measuring Jug

Ezi Filter Carbon System

-Ingredients Included

6kgs Distillers Sugar, Classic Turbo Yeast, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear Finings

Ezi Filter Carbon Cartridge and Washers

Still Spirits Classic Classic Doubles (x3) as selected by Still Spirits

Still Spirits Cafelua Icon Liqueur

Spirits Shamrock Cream (was Irish Cream) Icon Liqueur