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Spalt (Ger)

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Traditional German land-race variety selected and grown in the area of the same name

Brewing Usage



Mild and herbal, with spicy, floral and fruit tones

Possible Substitutions

Typical Beer Styles

  • Bock

Additional Information

Only grown in the Spalt area, limited acreage

Photo Credit Barth-Haas Group

Alpha Acids

2.5 - 5.5%

Beta Acids

3.0 - 5.0%


22 - 29%

Total Oil

0.5 - 0.9 mL / 100g


20 - 35% of total oil


20 - 30% of total oil


8 - 13% of total oil


12 - 18% of total oil

General Trade Perception

Traditional noble aroma hop with average bitter value and pleasant aroma


Current alpha acid 2.5% -Alpha acid often varies, please inquire directly if you wish this confirmed.

We supply all our hops vacuum sealed to guarantee you get the freshest flavour and aroma as hops can be damaged by exposure to oxygen. We refrigerate your hop while it is in our store.

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