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Black Rock Ultra Light

Unhopped Liquid Malt Extract 1.7kg

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Black Rock malts are specially extracted from the finest two row malting barley.
Add to your favourite beer concentrate to give an all malt brew.
Produced by blending pure New Zealand Lager malt extract with 20% maltose syrup,
BlackRock Ultra Light is light in colour and smooth in flavour.
Ideal for use in Pale Ales, Lagers and Pilseners as itcreates a delicate flavour and smoothness in these beers, with increased fermentability from the maltose syrup resulting in a drier profile.
Use the Ultra Light Malt Extract in place of ordinary dextrose to give your brew more body and flavour.
Can also be used when crafting a dark beer to boost body and flavour complexity.
Colour 6 EBC.