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Vintners Harvest Equipment

Beginners Equipment

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A complete set of premium quality winemaker's equipment. Includes most things you'd need to start making wine today.

Suitable for 23 Litre/30 Bottle Wine Kits, we do not recommend new Fruit winemakers start with this sized equipment.

• 30L Fermenter with Lid, Airlock & Grommet (does not include tap)
• 23L PET Carboy with Airlock & Rubber Bung
• Easy Syphon with hose
• Hydrometer
• 50cm Paddle
• Bottle Brush
• No Rinse EFR Sterilizer/Sanitizer (Equipment Final Rinse)
• Coldwater ECD Coldwater Cleaner/Detergent

This does not include a WIne Kit, these need to be purchased separately.