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Hauraki Home Brew Services, originally located at Hauraki Corner in Takapuna, has always been a local family owned business. It was started by Bill and Bobby Dron more than two decades ago when home brewing was still in its infancy in NZ. All of their children leant a hand from time to time in the running of the shop but it was their youngest child, Tiffany, whom displayed a true passion for brewing. Tiffany began working part-time for Hauraki Home Brew while studying at Auckland University and took on full-employment after graduating in 1995. After Bill's passing Tiffany became co-owner with Bobby in 2003. Jason came on-board in 2005 as Bobby retired to the South and in 2006 Tiffany and Jason were married. Hauraki Home Brew now required more retail space and said good bye to Hauraki Corner and moved to the current store location in Rosedale. Most recent history has the addition of their daughter, Emma Elizabeth, born in November 2011.

In the early brew shop days there was only a small basic range of beer brewing kits and equipment and not much else. Home brewing has evolved over the subsequent decades to encompass a huge range of the highest quality beer and cider making kits with over 100 in our store currently. Added to this is the largest range of malted grains and hops from local NZ growers and abroad plus specialty yeast ever available for the passionate mash brewer. Winemaking also evolved along side beer and we also stock top quality grape Wine Kits, with grapes sourced around the globe, which allow you to make wine like what you'd buy in a bottle store. Plus we still have the ingredients and know-how to convert your own backyard fruit into wine. Hauraki Home Brew is the exclusive NZ Importer of John Bull Beer Kits (UK) and Cheeky Monkey / KenRidge Wine Kits (Canada).

Home Distilling grew out of humble beginnings with just a few flavours and basic Pot Stills to the point where NZ leads the world in current technology and legality. We have an extensive range of flavours, literally hundreds, for you to try. Plus the best Reflux still ever produced for the home market, the Turbo 500 producing up to 94% a/v.

Mad Millie Cheesemaking supplies was the most recent addition to our range. This is the first time the artisan cheese maker has had access to ALL the cultures and equipment required to make specialty cheeses at home with success. This range is completed with Mad Millie Preserving and Sausagemaking Kits.

What does the future hold for Home Brewing and Hauraki Home Brew? Only time will tell but you can be sure we will be leading the way!


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